May 30, 2018

Vintage interiors - a trip in time

Decorations accompany people since the dawn of time. We often put old designs aside, reaching out for new ones. Whereas, there is something which slips by, fortunately we don't forget about it completely. The Vintage style, which we more and more often return to, shows us that a proper design never gets old! It is quite the contrary - the passing time gives it more character, originality, and value.
Basically, there is no interior in which the vintage style does not fit. Its quality guarantees that sooner or later it will come back to us. And, it can be quickly and easily implemented thanks to the possibilities provided by self-adhesive and removable wallpaper.

1. Delicate and vivid Anemones.

Anemone Fall – a wallpaper created not only for romantics, sensible people, and artistic souls. Its application is very easy thanks to the self-adhesive material. In the bedroom, apart from having a good night's sleep, we also like to relax and have some rest during the day. The self-adhesive wallpaper with an anemone design will ensure comfortable relaxation for the body and soul.

2. A bedroom in the shades of nature

Let's stop for one more moment in the bedroom. The Vintage Leaves removable wallpaper brings to mind far journeys. Using a wallpaper in this interior is a great idea. Probably every one of us wants a bedroom full of dreams and adventures? The deep color as well as tones of green and brown add character to the entire piece, and all of that on a clean white background. Bon voyage!

3. Delicately, but seriously.

A wallpaper does not have to be associated with an explosion of colors. The self-adhesive wallpaper Romantic Peonies beautifully presents the vintage style, showing it from a completely different side. It constitutes an interesting wall full of flowers in tones of grey. Black and white constitute the perfect way to add elegance. Properly composed, these colors can also relax and calm a person down. Calmness and composure constitute one of the important aspects for any home resident. This design is going to surely allow you to breathe deep during the most important moments of your life.

4. Let's make some room

A vintage wall decoration stands not only for flowers and plants. The peel and stick wallpaper Marble design constitutes a perfect design for home decorations, and is going to add space and order to the selected interior. However, if you are not a fan of soothing tones, this design of self-adhesive wallpaper will constitute a perfect background for vivid colors.

The vintage style has many faces, and that is why it fits any interior. Vivid colors or delicate tones? Flowers or smooth marble? The choice is yours. We decorate our interiors in an old style but with the use of a new technology which makes our lives easier.

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