ColorayDecor Frequently Asked Questions

Here You can find answears to some most common questions.

How to calculate measurements in inches?

The shop shows all measurements in INCHES. One inch is 2.54cm. If you see 50inches (for example) you must multiply that value by 2.54.
So, it is: 50 x 2.54 = 127cm.
In opposite direction: if you need 250cm (for example), you must divide it by 2.54 to get measurement in inches.
So, 250cm / 2.54= 98.43 inches.
In the case of any problems with that- just drop us a message!

Could I order the samples?

Sure, you can order the samples in the link bellow:

Will the wallpaper come in one piece?

If your wallpaper is bigger than 49inches (125cm) it will be divided into equally sized pieces that make it easy to install.

What is an estimated shipping time?

We need 3 days to process the order. We use only expedited shipping services, so it works really fast! It takes 2 days for the delivery to US, 2-3 days to Canada, 3 days to Australia. If you're from different country, let me know your address, so I can check the shipping time for you.

How to find the product?

Coloray shop offers a search engine where you can enter any phrase. You can also browse products by categories such as: vintage, kids, floral, pattern wallpapers. You can also ask our consultants for help by contacting us by email

How can I place an order?

It's easy! When you find the right graphics you can choose standards size- as presented or click on "change" and type the product parameters by choose the size and additional options (very useful with repeatable patterns: MULTIPLY) and ADD TO CART. In the shopping cart, complete the order form and make the payment.

How can I pay for the order?

You can pay for your order using secure online services:  PayPal by PayPal account or credit card.

What is the term of realization?

We ship the product after 3 working days from accepting the order for realization. Products are delivered up to 4 working days.

What is the delivery cost?

The delivery cost is calculated individually and is visible in the shopping cart when placing the order. Example cost: 20USD to US, 20USD to Canada.

Do you ship abroad?

Of course! We ship our products worldwide. If you don't see your country in the shopping cart- contact with us!

What should I do if the package is damaged?

If you notice any damage to the package, you must open the it in the presence of the courier and fill in the shipping damage report together with the courier. Then email the report to together with a photo of the damage. After receiving the claim, we will ship new, fully-valuable products.

How can I make a claim?

If after opening the package you notice any problem with the order, such as the wrong size, frame or material, or if the order is incomplete, inform us by emailing us at It is best to attach a photo of the flaw to the email. After accepting your claim, we will ship the right product or give you a refund.

Can I return the product?

Yes. Coloray offers 30 days to return the standard product. Remember that the returned product cannot be damaged nor used in any way. Send us the whole product with a proof of purchase, your personal information and your PayPal adress to transfer the money to. After meeting these requirements, you will receive a refund within 10 days from us receiving the product.

Can I get a discount?

You can get a one-time 10USD discount if you subscribe to our newsletter.