Nov 27, 2018

Secret forest at your home with a removable wallpaper

Forest is a place with positive connotations. You can walk there, pick mushrooms or berries, practise sport and it is historically connected with numerous interesting legends or events. Forest gives us the sense of harmony and closeness to nature. That is why, we highly recommend the forest motif to apply in interior design. For example, such a peel and stick wall mural with a forest print will create a unique atmosphere in the children's room, bedroom or even hall. Below you can find some inspirations:

1. We stimulate imagination

A Dreamy Forest peel and stick wallpaper is a dreamed decoration of wall in the bedroom, it is not only good for kids but for adults as well. A unique combination of dark and bright colours, neutral use of colour and a timeless nature-inspired pattern are its main assets. Furniture and accessories kept in nature colours will definitely look good when put in the background of this removable wall mural. The entire arrangement will create a peaceful and balanced composition.

2. Forest adventure

An adventure-related decoration in a children's room will always work. Forest greenwood will serve as good inspiration in such cases for sure. A Birds and Trees removable wallpaper - is a beautiful black and white background for kids' games. Additionally, it goes very well with any colours of furniture and accessories in the room. A simple and practical idea to change the look of the interior.

3. A secret hidden in the forest

Forest expedition in search of hidden secrets? Why not? With this Dark Forest removable wall mural it is possible without going out. The play of light located on this wallpaper will create a wonderful atmoshpere of mystery. When you look at this wallpaper for a longer period of time, you can feel as if there was a forest elf or other creature about to jump out of the bush.


4. Cold and charming

Many people like winter very much but we don't like frozen fingertips and freezing windswept faces. How can we omit these less pleasant attractions? We recommend this Winter Landscape peel and stick wall mural. Let the magical atmosphere stay for good in your living room or a bedroom without any negative connotations. A beautiful play of blue colour will meet the needs of numerous rooms.

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