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Very helpful and lovely contact. Quick sending. Unfortunately the wallpaper does not fit in the room as the colours do not match as thought before. But otherwise pretty wallpaper.

SaRoSa (2017-05-16 16:57:06)

It's SO PERFECT in my studio apartment...love every inch of it!

Lauren (2017-05-16 15:18:06)

The paper is thick and high quality and the pattern is lovely. I hired professional installers and they had the HARDEST time with installation. The rolls do not come numbered nor do they say which is top and bottom. In my case, they were all turned every different way possible. You would think peel and stick would be easier than traditional wallpaper but that simply wasn't the case. I'm not sure if it's asking too much for an oops panel to be included for the high price of the paper bc there's definitely a few oops tears on the wall. I don't recommend trying to install yourself unless you've done it before

mrsmac1 (2017-05-16 06:08:05)

I put it in my home office near my plants and I love the colored tropical atmosphere it bring to my room. Perfect delivery, easy to fix on the wall.. Thank you Dominika, keep going!

Wassim Samad (2017-05-16 06:02:15)

Seller was super helpful and customized the colour perfectly

Rosette Sund (2017-05-15 17:18:25)

I love the final look of this wallpaper/decal! Dominika was so helpful and responsive. We wanted a statement wall and that's what we got. Installation was one of the most challenging things we've ever done. A real marriage tester! Two bits of advise: follow the instructions (use a level line, walls are rarely straight); and don't sweat small misalignments when you are nose-close (you won't see them when you step back).

Jennifer (2017-05-15 17:03:14)

Shop owner was very quick and thorough at responding to my million questions, as I had never used such a product, and was a little hesitant about it coming from overseas. the only reason I don't give 5 out of 5 stars, is because I wish the paper was maybe a little thicker so any imperfections in the wall don't show through. Our bathroom wall had some dimple looking imperfections which come through this paper after applied, but the print is busy enough that most guests probably wouldn't notice. Love the print!

muneer26 (2017-05-15 12:05:12)

The seller was excellent and immediately contacted me when there was a hiccup with shipping. Putting it up definitely requires the work of two people and a little bit of time and planning, but the directions are clear and the results are absolutely stunning. My walls are *slightly* textured, so it took a little bit more work (I just used a hair dryer and a bit more pressure). The photo doesn't do it justice and everyone who sees it thinks its beautiful. Excellent quality.

Amanda Samuels (2017-05-13 04:32:37)

This wall paper is beautiful and so easy to use!

chiarafarcher (2017-05-11 22:47:26)
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This is beautiful... I can't use it where I planned to do so, but am trying to think of a place that I can. It is currently sitting on the side of an IKEA cabinet and has no problem adhering.

Nancy Daniel (2017-05-11 17:04:19)

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