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The fresh green tropical wall paper is looking stunning in our living room. The seller/Artist Dominika is very professional and was very helpful. The delivery was sent within a week (including the making). I highly recommand it. Thank you Dominika!!

Cecile (2018-09-27 20:05:17)

It was difficult to put up and required multiple redos but it was worth it

kvindua (2018-09-25 17:34:36)

The wallpaper looks great! Putting up wallpaper is never easy but this was pretty foolproof. Great communication too, much appreciated!

hollygillz (2018-09-24 05:02:59)

Took us a few times to get it right but I loved that it was easy to remove and reposition. The backing even stuck to itself a few times (user error) but came apart easily and without damage. Looks amazing and will be purchasing again. Quick shipping and awesome communication! It completely changed the feel of the space and we are loving it!

cierakorb (2018-09-22 08:15:09)

übersichtlicher Druck. Netter Kontakt, Vielen Dank!

Evchen16 (2018-09-16 22:45:18)

Dominika went the extra mile to make sure my order was right... I appreciate it and it’s a lovely product!

Erin McGoldrick (2018-09-15 19:03:07)

love the wallpaper!So easy to apply and the quality is great! Looking to purchase some more for another room!

Jekaterina Mysin (2018-09-06 09:12:29)

Love Love Love Love!!! Gorgeous- easy to install. Shipping was so fast!

mediamaison (2018-09-05 21:09:55)

So happy i found this seller! I’ve gotten so many compliments! I had textured walls so we sanded down my walls then applied the wallpaper. The wallpaper was easy to put up, and the seller puts together a step by step guide.The only challenging part was trying to make sure we got every air bubble out! The last sheet of wallpaper was measured a little bigger so we ended up using an exacto knife to cut it. Overall, beautiful wallpaper and great customer service!

Jaklyn Reynolds (2018-09-05 15:44:18)

The mural is beautiful and was delivered quickly and fit the dimension we requested exactly. The application process requires two people but the fact that you could remove and reconfigure the panels was a great feature that helped us keep our sanity. We live in an older home so our walls aren’t even in height or width. If you have a similar condition then I would suggest a more forgiving pattern vs the moons that have to be lined up evenly. Our mural has a bit of overlap in some places as a result but we will cover it up with a crib so no one will notice (we hope). We love the mural. It’s a great rich navy/dark blue color and looks just like the photos online. We are very pleased!

clicate (2018-09-03 18:06:41)

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