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Domi was an absolute pleasure to deal with and I will be buying from her again! She took so much time to help me and make sure the wallpaper for my client was perfect. I would highly recommend buying from her she has amazing work ethic and customer service. Once the project is complete I will be uploading photos! Thanks again Domi!

Talia Rose Matteo (2019-05-21 11:36:01)

The paper is lovely. The colors are accurate to the photo. It arrived very fast and well packed with excellent instructions. Terrific experience all around. Thank you.

kristinames (2019-05-16 23:19:07)

On adore

Gautier Marine (2019-05-15 17:50:13)

Beautiful product!

tht26 (2019-05-14 14:09:54)

Great company to work with. They were patient with all of my questions. Fairly easy to install and it looks GREAT!

Pam Payne (2019-05-13 23:30:27)

This wallpaper is beautiful! Seller was fantastic to work with, thank you so much!

apple235 (2019-05-11 21:32:53)

We just hung our beautiful mural in our new addition. I love it so much!!! It totally makes the space. Now to buy some furniture, lol.

kimmywht (2019-05-11 19:27:49)

Love it! It is perfect. Seller made this on traditional wallpaper paper and it worked well. We seized the wall first. Fairly easy installation (our first foray into wallpaper). Will put a pic up after room is decorated. Colors are fabulous

13easygoin (2019-05-11 09:13:05)

Behang was helemaal super! mailverkeer ook vriendelijk en snel echt een aanrader

ramona (2019-05-03 16:28:19)

Just love the way it turned out!! This product is great, and you can't beat the service!

Stacy Brooks (2019-05-03 11:27:18)

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