Jun 13, 2018

Kitchen revolutions with wallpaper in the main role

The self-adhesive wallpaper is one of the latest inventions in interior decoration. Customers all over the world choose it eagerly as it's easy to install and anyone can adjust an order to their own needs.

You no longer need to buy wallpaper rolls in DIY stores and bother with mixing and evenly spreading the adhesive. All you have to do is measure your wall and order the right dimension tailored to what you need and when the wallpaper arrives, just stick it to the wall. You can also order decorative furniture stickers, printed on the same material. It is suitable for every interior - hallway, bedroom, and even bathroom and kitchen.

You can't imagine wallpapering kitchen? It's ok, we will help you. Here are 3 interesting inspirations of using a removable wallpaper in the kitchen.


1. Stylish mish-mash

It's good to protect the wall above the kitchen countertop with an appropriate washable paint, tiles, glass panel, or just...  a temporary wallpaper! In this small kitchen a Mexican Garden peel and stick wallpaper was used. It's a cheerful and full of life pattern that brings energy to the interior. Additionally the ceiling has been wallpapered with a pattered accent and this gives the interior a unique style. Various patterns and colours in this interior combine with one another in an interesting and harmonious way. A removable wall mural in cacti corresponds well with all the colours.


2. Creative decoration

We allow you to order any sizes of our temporary wall murals, so it's also possible to cover non-obvious elements of kitchen equipment. Since the wall mural adheres to various flat surfaces, a kitchen island can serve as a good example. The pattern of self-adhesive wallpaper in the photo Carbon Forest fits well with the entire kitchen. The picture says to you - simple doesn't mean poor. Thanks to various accents of grey and black and white, the interior will always acquire a specific character and stand out from the others.


3. Feast of colours

Just look at these vivid and energising colours. Tropical Rain Forest removable wallpaper is a great decorative addition to the yellow-painted kitchen wall. This decor immediately brings to mind holidays in the tropics. Who wouldn't want to eat breakfast in such a kitchen? Energy for the entire day guaranteed! Every detail in this kitchen has its own character and is consistent with the rest at the same time. Self-adhesive wall mural Tropical Rain Forest is by far the most eye-catching element and its unique character dominates and sets the tone for the whole kitchen.

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