On a Purple Pasture Removable Wallpaper
On a Purple Pasture Removable Wallpaper
On a Purple Pasture Removable Wallpaper
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On a Purple Pasture Removable Wallpaper

98.5in x 98.5in (250x250cm) change

✓  Innovative Peel&Stick material, which alows to be applied and peeled multiple times!
✓  Digitally printed, removable with matte finish
✓  Sticks to any flat surface


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On a Purple Pasture Removable Wallpaper

Kids’ perception of the world can astonish every adult. By capturing shapes and colours, their drawings prove their ability of interpreting the surroundings and the reality. They have this ability, which we adults usually hide because of the expectations and rules of a society. The On a Purple Pasture removable wallpaper resembles a child’s aquarelle painting which takes us on a trip to a secret garden.

The purple color of the peel and stick wallpaper symbolizes intuition and spirituality. It stimulates our imagination and perfectly helps in calming down, letting the steam off, and relaxing. The wall with the On a Purple Pasture removable wallpaper design will undoubtedly stand out because of the shades variety of purple, which are brightened with whiteness. The wildflowers are contrasted with the refinement of the purple colour. The On a Purple Pasture peel and stick wallpaper will be a perfect match for an interior full of antiques, yet it will be a great choice for an interior furnished in light tones as well! This way you will achieve a balance between plain furniture and the outstanding violet wall sticker.

The wall murals are printed on MagicStick - innovative, self-adhesive material, which allows them to be applied and peeled multiple times!

The material is stain- and tear-resistant and sticks to any flat surface! Its main advantage is its wonderfully simple application: you can easily apply it yourself without getting any annoying air bubbles. It can also be easily removed without damaging the surface underneath. Peel& Stick!

MagicStick is a friendly and easy to apply fabric that contains no paper. Material do not require use of wallpaper paste or glue for hanging. It works like a sticker. It's resistant to humidity, so it can be placed in kitchens or bathrooms, however it cannot be watered directly.


Wallpaper is 100% removable- it means it can be removed or repositioned when needed without damaging the surface beneath. It's a very good quality matte material, its structure reminds of a cloth fabric. I can guarantee you will love it as well!

How to calculate measurements in inches?

The shop shows all measurements in INCHES. One inch is 2.54cm. 
If you see 50inches (for example) you must multiply that value by 2.54. 
So, it is: 50in x 2.54 = 127cm. 
In opposite direction: if you need 250cm (for example), you must divide it by 2.54 to get measurement in inches. 
So, it is:  250cm / 2.54= 98.43 inches.
In the case of any problems with that- just drop us a message!


The wallpaper will be delivered in equally-sized parts, packed in the safe cartoon tube. It will included easy step by step hanging manual.

Care instructions

The wall should be dry, light, smooth, clean and free of dust. 
We recommend to do not paint the wall at least 3 weeks before application. We also do not recommend to put wallpaper on latex painted walls. If you have a wall with latex coating- tarnish it with a sandpaper and paint by the primmer first.

Safety standards

We use a state of the art GreenGuard-certified HP LATEX 310 printer to not only ensure the highest quality, but also guarantee that the product you purchase is environmentally friendly and complies with the most stringent safety standards.


Do you like the pattern that you love but aren’t sure if it will work in your space? Wish to see the material in real? You can order the samples here: Samples.
Samples are designated to check the material in real and test it on your wall, not to compare colors! The colors may slightly vary depending on a different print batch.

Love how this turned out for our nursery and it was fairly easy to hang!
jillmgar (2020-02-12 12:28:03)
This wallpaper was the perfect addition to our tropical nursery! We had great communication ahead of time and it turned out beautifully! Thank...
Amber Cox (2020-02-02 13:24:45)
I'm absolutely in love with this wallpaper I purchased for my entryway. This was also the best experience customer service experience I've had....
traceylross (2020-01-07 14:20:24)