Aug 23, 2019

Geometric wall decor

Geometric patterns are undoubtedly the interior design hit of several seasons. They appear in various versions and combinations - minimalistic, colourful, mosaics. They reign on walls, floors, tablecloths. How to explain the ever-popular phenomenon of geometry? After years of fancy designs, people have longed for simplicity and tradition. Furthermore, - they noticed that the combination of both works great as a decorative element.

First there was geometry, i.e. the birth of interior minimalism

Geometric patterns gave rise to minimalism. It was thanks to the combination of small, geometric elements that it was noticed that you don't need huge details to achieve the wow effect. With the idea to limit the size of designs and colours, a fashion for minimalism came to life. Thus, it can be seen that despite the predominance of white and delicate geometric elements, all compositions are simple, symmetrical and elegant. Elegance is built by non-flashy colours, kept in gold and navy blue (sometimes black) with a predominance of white. Straight and symmetrical lines are ornaments themselves, and thanks to the unobtrusive colours, such wall murals fit almost any interior:


1. Blue Dots Removable Wallpaper

2. Minimalistic Circle Removable Wallpaper

3. Dotted Cubes Removable Wallpaper

Natural geometry, inspired by nature

Geometric patterns are not just triangles, circles, cubes or squares. Small leaves, fruit or branches also look fantastic in this role. Contours, sketches and pastel fillings often appear in wall decorations. Here are some inspirations:

5. Leaves Autumn Removable Wallpaper

6. Graphic Vine Removable Wallpaper

7.  Botanic Colouring Book Removable Wallpaper

8.  Openwork Forest Removable Wallpaper

9. Pineapple Paradise Removable Wallpaper

As you can see, all the colours are subdued, not conspicuous, and the detail plays the main role in geometric arrangements. Focusing on detail introduces an additional element of curiosity and otherness that previous styles lacked. With the growing popularity of Scandinavian, raw interior design, all attention was devoted to minimalist compositions in black and white.
Striving for minimalism in interior design is also associated with a change in our lifestyle - in our busy everyday lives, we try to find and celebrate every moment that we have for ourselves. This moment is often enough to come to the conclusion that well-being does not have to go hand in hand with having a large amount of accessories.

It is difficult to clearly determine whether the fashion for geometric patterns will stand the test of time. We can certainly say that it will stay with us for at least the next few seasons.

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