Jul 26, 2018

Delightfully Floral Nursery Rooms – Floral Removable Wallpapers for Children


Nurseries are always a hot topic for young parents. Especially for their first child. Furnishing such a nursery room usually entails planning considerable renovations. We offer a suggestion for facilitating and expediting such renovations – use a floral removable wallpaper.

The floral decorative motif will create a pleasant atmosphere that is closer to nature for your toddler and the peel and stick material will significantly minimise the scope of the works. It takes but a few moves for the floral nursery to become a truly unique place. An additional advantage is the fact that such wallpapers are easy to clean with a damp cloth. Therefore, if our child gets carried away with his or her imagination and starts making art on the walls, we aren't powerless!

Please, take a look at several examples of nursery room stylisation:

1. Heart Red Poppies

The beautiful vivid colour of the A Poppy Girl floral removable wallpaper both adds life to and elegantly decorates the room. This pattern borrows from the vintage stylisation and takes the best elements of it. Instead of overwhelming, the floral wallpaper with a large imprint against a bright background stylishly highlights elements of the room, e.g. brightly-coloured furniture or other children's decorations. The nursery gains a trendy vintage look.


2. Children Like Colours

In a nursery room, regardless of your toddler's gender, it's worth opting for distinctive and vivid colours. If we can't decide on a single one, the Florist's Dream floral removable wallpaper comes to our aid. This peel and stick wallpaper enraptures us with its distinctive colour and arrangement of flowers that brings to mind a real meadow in bloom. What child doesn't like to play on the meadow and learn about various plants? This peel and stick wallpaper will let them remain in the world of their dreams and favourite pastimes.


3. Delicate and Classy

An interesting solution for decorating a nursery is to choose subdued colours. The Lovely Vintage Floral removable wallpaper is a good starting point for further interior decoration. Bright furniture will look great against it, but so will more colourful accessories and decorations. When seeking floral ideas for a wallpaper, it's worth picking this pattern. It will definitely not overwhelm the entire project; due to its softness, it can also be used on more than one wall.


4. Romantic Nook

Many parents like to hang various decorations above the cot. Pictures, letters that spell out the name, photos, stuffed toys or bookshelves. At that point, they're faced with a dilemma: should they even wallpaper such a wall? There's an interesting solution to this – it's worth picking the floral removable wallpaper Touch of Rose, which has a pattern printed from the top. This lets most of the wall remain white so that it can be freely adapted to our own needs.


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