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Gautier Marine (2019-05-15 17:50:13)

Great company to work with. They were patient with all of my questions. Fairly easy to install and it looks GREAT!

Pam Payne (2019-05-13 23:30:27)

This wallpaper is beautiful! Seller was fantastic to work with, thank you so much!

apple235 (2019-05-11 21:32:53)

Love it! It is perfect. Seller made this on traditional wallpaper paper and it worked well. We seized the wall first. Fairly easy installation (our first foray into wallpaper). Will put a pic up after room is decorated. Colors are fabulous

13easygoin (2019-05-11 09:13:05)

Just love the way it turned out!! This product is great, and you can't beat the service!

Stacy Brooks (2019-05-03 11:27:18)

Installing was a pleasant surprise—I was able to trim and hang this by myself in about an hour, and it looks AMAZING.

pondm (2019-05-01 17:08:53)

Looks amazing!!! Totally transformed our bedroom and fairly easy to install.

Robin Lester Kenton (2019-04-30 19:44:12)

This is a fantastic product to work with! I've avoided wallpaper in the past after hearing stories of how it involved pans of glue and was a 3 person job that took days..... Also having helped remove old wallpaper with steamers and scrapers I was determined to never use the stuff myself. But our order from patternsCOLORAY changed my mind about wallpaper application. It was an enjoyable experience and it looks so good! Thank you!!!

Rachel Moen (2019-04-24 08:26:29)

It looks great

Agnes R (2019-04-23 18:33:19)

The absolutely most beautiful, perfect thickness, great self adhesive wall paper I’ve ever used!!!

Cassandra (2019-04-22 13:56:26)

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