May 15, 2018

Classic wall decoration in a modern edition


Modern interiors and wallpapers? It is a very good trend that has been present at our homes for some time. Interior decorated in a modern way does not rule out modern wallpaper. On the current wallpaper market you can find solutions that, thanks to their innovativeness, are not only elegantly made but also enable you to do renovation faster and without the mess. We mainly talk about the removable wallpaper with a printed pattern that is currently in. See what it may look like!

1. Geometric accents

Black and white are very modern colours when it comes to interior design. They are also used in the production of decorative items. A very good example is the self-adhesive wallpaper you can see in the picture - Cubicles.  The geometric lines create a connection that makes you think you are looking at a 3D composition. The effect may be different depending on the place we look at it. A modern wallpaper as an interesting accent at the house entrance is a very elegant and stylish proposal for decoration. It also reminds of the fact you don't have to wallpaper all the walls in order to make your flat look different. It is enough to pick one good spot.


2. Retro style abstraction

Retro and modernity in one room? We have a solution - a temporary wallpaper with an abstract pattern in vintage style. The self-adhesive wallpaper Ink Splatter is an interesting decoration. A dark composition on the bright background with an abstract element that makes the room look creative. This pattern can be interpreted as a mysterious and very elegant one. When combined with bright furniture and decorations, this wallpaper will create an original atmosphere in each interior. Additionally, it will be eye-catching and make anything put on its background look distinctive.


3. Patterned nature accents

White walls don't have to be just white. With a little bit of creativity you can introduce some original patterns. An excellent example is the self-adhesive wallpaper Ornithologist's Dream. It is a removable wallpaper that combines the elegance of white walls with modern nature design. It is a perfect idea for innovative interior design and an interesting solution for various rooms - you can put it in the living room, the hall or even in the kids' room. Nature motifs are usually put in the living rooms making them look stunning with the green and other colours. Here we deal with discreet graphics no contemporary designer would be ashamed of. Gentle colour accents add colours to the whole interior and the self-adhesive wallpaper looks very elegant.


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