Dec 19, 2019

Classic Blue is Pantone Color for 2020

Pantone Institute announced the color of the year 2020 - classic blue. What lies behind this concept and why it is worth it already today to think about fashionable accessories in this color? You will know after reading our post.

After this year's warm coral the time has come for a definite cool down. Blue is a cool color which calms down. Classic blue is the most beautiful, most intense shade which blends well with many other colors and a variety of materials, such as wood and metal.

In the upcoming year, specialists from the Pantone Institute focus on creativity - blue is inspiration, freshness, dynamics and awakening of the senses. Why is it worth to use the potential of blue in the interiors? Perfect for the workplace or studio, it will calm you down, chill you out and awaken your imagination. In the kitchen, it will break the ubiquitous white with a strong accent and a breath of freshness. Deciding on blue walls in the bedroom, you will not have to worry about sleepless nights.

Expressive colors have this feature that they blend in perfectly with white, raw interiors, present in the Scandinavian style. Having a living room or kitchen in this style, you can go ahead and invest in blue accessories and accessories to bring out a unique character. An elegant blue shade will blend beautifully with a modern, bright bathroom as a fashionable and timeless detail in the form of a soap dish or a brush cup.

Our inspirations were created from the combination of classical blue and white. Are you curious what are the results?

1. A breeze of the orient

It's an offer for fans of oriental style - light, nice pattern called Moroccan clover will take you on a distant African journey to Morocco. Bring some exoticism to your interior. With our peel&stick wall mural Blue Marrakesh you will go on a tropical vacation without leaving your home.

2. Spanish mosaic

Ceramic mosaics are a specific decoration of rooms, which can most often be found in the bathroom or kitchen. Usually it is those places which look the best and complement entire composition. Removable wallpaper Spanish Mosaic you can successfully stick it to a smooth tile surface or a wall. Waterproof material enables the decorative sticker to be used also in the bathroom.

3. Portuguese holiday

Thematic azulejos mosaics are a combination of thin ceramic tiles covered with enamel which create puzzles of patterns and colors. Our peel&stick wallpaper Hexagonal Azulejos also has such a theme  Do you like this Portuguese atmosphere?

4. Italian story

Santorini is a town famous for its characteristic blue domes above the churches. This was the main inspiration to create a removable wallpaper Roofs of Santorini.  Blue combined with white creates a beautiful composition, referring to the Mediterranean climate and Italian streets.

5. Chinese porcelain

The Chinese know everything about porcelain, after all it is a country of steaming hot tea, brewed for a long time in beautiful porcelain jugs. This is also how our reusable wall mural is Flowery China - there will be a delicate, floral composition constituting a beautiful decoration of kitchen interiors.


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