Mar 10, 2020

Women’s Bedroom Inspirations

Bedroom's decor is not as easy as it seems. It's not enough to buy a huge bed and a spacious wardrobe. Bedroom is a place of rest and regeneration, it's important to adequately choose patterns and colours, to wake up with pleasure.

Feminine wallpapers for a bedroom

Bedroom is a special place in the entire house – it's where we go to sleep every night and where we wake up for work. Bedroom designs are usually maintained in neutral and cool colours, which bring calmness and tranquillity. Bedroom should be a space, where we gladly come back after a tough day.

Cool colours and flowers

Spring decoration trends indicate that flowers will dominate current interior design season. Why are the floral patterns a must-have of Spring/Summer 2020 season? Flowers mean transience. Fragility and femininity enclosed in pastel buds. They are most the beautiful on the entire wall or wardrobe.
Due to the fact that Classic Blue became the colour of 2020, it can't be omitted in our interiors. This cool, deep shade of blue will be a perfect addition for a bedroom or bathroom.

Springtime inspirations for a wall

Spring favours changes! New energy stimulates us to live and make changes in our environment. It's worth using this energy and making a unique interior, which will inspire you to come up with creative ideas. We've collected several springtime, feminine wall inspirations:

Ombré style bedroom

Ombré is a style that doesn't lose popularity. It's especially visible in hairdressing, where original haircuts are created every year with the use of the ombré technique. After haircuts, the time has come for interiors – shaded decorations will make the interior gain interesting character. Our Ombre removable wallpaper will work as a wall or wardrobe decoration.

Watercolor Flowers in shades of blue

 In this composition, two fashionable styles from this season have been combined: shades of blue and watercolour flowers. Both trends harmonise perfectly with each other, creating a fashionable, and at the same time delicate whole. If you appreciate classic elegance, then you will surely be interested in the peel & stick Watercolor Flowers wallpaper which will be an adornment of many bedrooms.

Spring is around the corner – it's time for flamingos

Flamingos are the harbinger of summer. Pink, sunny birds are associated with summer holidays, freedom and fun. Vintage style flamingos are an original attempt to capture a light subject in a classic, elegant design. Removable wallpaper Vintage Flamingo is a decoration that will break the stark whiteness of the Scandinavian style and warm up the interior.

Black and white jungle

Do you like plants? Currently, botanical gardens and vegetal compositions in the interiors are in fashion. Urban jungle is an imperfect imitation of the natural forest, full of primal force and energy. Black and white composition of trees and leaves will work perfectly in rooms maintained in loft atmosphere. Peel & stick wallpaper Sketch Jungle equals beauty and starkness in one. We hope that it'll inspire you to create original, vegetal compositions.

Cosmic Blots

Cosmic motifs are almost as frequently used in designing as the vegetal ones. Cosmos attracts us with its beauty and infinity. Pastel and turquoise nebulae beautifully complement the white decor of a room. Removable wallpaper Watercolor Splash Galaxy is delicate, composed of small elements that will optically brighten the space.

We hope that our feminine inspirations for a bedroom will find their admirers.

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