Jan 16, 2019

Winter atmosphere thanks to peel and stick wall murals

Do you think warm thoughts of winter? Does it only bring up thoughts of nipping frost, or maybe also of coziness and beauty of winter landscape? If you can picture the latter, you might be willing to welcome it in your office or apartment. Winter is a beautiful occurrence, which brings many pleasant sensations. Winter colors are predominantly white and blue, both perfect for interior decoration. They appear in all trendy styles of interior decoration. They are also perfect in wall murals.

1. White elegance

Classic solutions are always a good idea. The elegance of the marble motive is timeless and its color palette is neutral, matching much multicolour furniture and accessories. Marble peel and stick wallpaper hits the bull's eye for those with preference for winter color palette, but also for classical elegance. Although it may seem like a cold stone at first sight, in reality it adds a unique touch to your interior.

2. The land of evergreens

Evergreens are unmistakably a token of winter, because of Christmas, a December holiday. Also, the lovely trees have unique properties. They enchant us with their ability to stay green and keep their needles in the winter time. Southwest Tribal Trees Peel and stick wall mural is a beautiful geometric composition which will be perfect for kids' rooms, bedrooms and even offices.

3. White and flowery

Although flowery motives are not usually associated with winter, white patterned big scale flowers create a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing impression. Flowery patterns are reminiscent of snowflakes, every single one of which is different and unique. Graphite Dahlias Removable wall mural allows you to achieve this effect on your wall quickly and effortlessly. Since it has the form of a giant sticker, it can be quickly installed and fixed, if required. It is worth trying to style your interior with those beautiful flowers.

4. Forest style

Taiga Pinecones peel and stick wall mural gives an incredible feeling of getting in touch with nature in your own home. Coniferous forests, in particular those located in mountain areas, are a fairy tale scenery for winter trips, sports and letting your imagination run wild. Neutral color palette of this design makes it an interesting decorating idea for nurseries and kids' rooms. It will also introduce an atmosphere of calmness in the bedroom.

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