Aug 8, 2018

White removable wall mural—a smash hit in modern interior design

White is a colour that's associated with modernity. White walls are in vogue in contemporary interiors. They fit the popular interior design styles such as the Scandinavian or the Industrial style. If, however, we are looking for additional inspiration to decorate the interior in white, it's worth going for removable wallpapers. They won't just help you to quickly and efficiently brighten and decorate the interior, they will also give it a unique style. Take a look at our examples of interiors decorated with peel and stick wall murals.

1. Lotus flower for a nature lover

The flower of the lotus is associated with subtle beauty. This is the effect that the white removable Lotus Flowers wall mural adds to the interior. With large beautiful flowers, delicately drawn on the wallpaper, the whole composition is light and makes for a good background for even the most colourful interior decoration accessories. The versatility of the pattern of this peel and stick wallpaper, on the other hand, allows it to fit a child's room, living room or bedroom. You should trust the lotus flowers.

2. A hint of green in a white interior

Sometimes an interesting effect can be achieved when we liven up the white walls with a hint of a different colour. Instead of wondering what to paint or hang on a white background, it is worth considering the Tropical Green Leaf self-adhesive wall mural that will bring a touch of green to even the whitest of interiors. The colour green has a good effect on our mood, it makes us relax and allows us to commune with nature in our own bedroom or living room. Decorating the house with peel and stick wall murals is fast and easy, and the effect is astonishing! Invite nature into your house with the white Tropical Green Leaf wallpaper.

3. Frolicking birds

White wallpaper likes the company of black designs. A subtle addition of colour can also be an interesting combination. You will find all this in the pattern of the Ornithologist's Dream removable wall mural which will give your interiors the spring feel. How about a child's room with this pattern on the wall? Or maybe a dining room? Or the hall? This white wallpaper will certainly bring a good mood into any interior.

4. Abstract wall decoration

Abstraction works well in modern interiors. The white Quail Egg peel and stick wall mural with an abstract geometric pattern is a smash hit not only for a child's room! The scattered pattern on this white wallpaper is the expression of creativity that stimulates the grey cells to act. What's more, it is a good background for even the most colourful decorations.

5. Floral theme in white

Vintage style is very popular for home decor. One way of introducing it into your interior is the white peel and stick White Vintage Floral Art wall mural. It is a combination of chic, elegance, bright space and a floral pattern. It's very stylish and an interesting way to decorate the interior, yet the print isn't overwhelming.

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