Feb 4, 2020

Valentine's Day wall decoration ideas

It's hard to get an original Valentine's Day gift in the era of heart-shaped chocolates, teddy bears and repetitive cards. If you like unusual gifts, and at the same time want to surprise your second half, we have some interesting suggestions of Valentine's Day peel&stick wallpapers for you.

Removable wallpaper with hearts – perfect Valentine's Day

Roses, chocolates, balloons with prints and plush toys are the most popular gifts for Valentine's Day. Over time, the holiday, which was supposed to celebrate love and respect between two people, became fussy and tacky. Love is a unique feeling, and the uniqueness should be properly looked after. The wall mural will be a unique gift that'll look good in the interior, not only on Valentine's Day.

An original gift is an art of imagination

In the era of consumerism, few can make use of the imagination. All the necessary Valentine's Day gadgets are on the shelves, you can simply enter the store and choose any thing. Fortunately, there are people for whom good idea and organisation matter. It's for them that we've collected our Valentine's Day suggestions for removable wallpapers:

1. Hearts in the Scandinavian style

The colours of the peel&stick mural Abstract Hearts refer to the Scandinavian interior design trends. The contrast between dark and lighter hearts makes it that the whole composition will be loved by both fans of minimalism and traditional, simple aesthetics.

2. Pastel grey

In this wall decoration, in the foreground are pastel-grey hearts of various sizes, placed on a white background. It's also one of the traditional, simple themes that have an undeniable charm. Due to neutral colours, removable wallpaper I Heart You will fit in any space.

3. Hearts in colour

Enough with the grey, this time we bet on unusual, colourful hearts, built with forest flowers, animals and fruit. It's an ideal proposition for those who love forest walks and miss the possibility of walking in the woods on sunny days. Peel&stick wall mural Lovely Forest Heart works great as a children's room decoration.

4. Rose Grove

Rose bouquets are something that will never go out of fashion. Elegant, floral compositions will give cosy and romantic character to the interior. Instead of a box of pralines and a Valentine's Day card, choose a bouquet that will never wither. Removable wallpaper Pale Roses  will be loved by every girl, not just for Valentine's Day.

5. Ballads and Romances

The thing that will increase your chances for a successful date is poetry. Words that come from the heart are priceless, no matter what the occasion. Perhaps it's out of them, that a fiery romance will be born? Peel&stick wallpaper Romantic Flowers will definitely help in these efforts It's an exceptionally graceful composition that you can use to decorate the living room or bedroom.


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