Jul 2, 2019

Traditional or modern? Choose the best decorations for your wall

Each of us knows someone who does not like painting walls. This is not surprising - such a wall must be specially prepared for painting, which requires a lot of spare time. How to refresh the look of the living room or the bedroom the fastest way?

Wallpapers and wall murals come in handy.

What wallpapers to choose? The traditional, glued, which for years served our grandparents and parents, or self-adhesive wall murals that can be quickly mounted on any wall? We hope that this entry will dispel your doubts.

The gluable wallpapers, which some of you might remember from school times, require special preparation - the wall should be thoroughly washed with water (often with the use of detergents) so as to get rid of dirt and dust and residues of oily fingerprints. When the wall is dry, you can proceed to apply the wallpaper - it's good to prepare a glue mix beforehand so that you can have it at hand when mounting. You can start gluing the wallpaper on the wall so prepared, taking care not to wrinkle it (which happens regularly). In the summer weather, it will take about three days for the glue to dry and the wallpaper to attach to the wall.

It may turn out that the wallpaper does not adhere to the surface very well and you need to make corrections, which means you have to start the whole game from the beginning.

Standard wallpapers are also not resistant to moisture, which is why they do not always fit in the bathroom or the kitchen. The selection of gluable wallpaper is also very limited.

Modern wall mural allow for many arrangement options, including the creation of a pattern from the photos or graphics you have sent. This is convenience that traditional wallpapers lack.

In our store we have several types of materials, the most popular of which is MagicStick. What is that magic? MagicStick technology is nothing more than a special reusable material that does not require prior wall preparation - it can be glued and peeled off like a sticker.

MagicStick material is resistant to dirt, just gently wipe the wallpaper soaked in water with a cloth, without the use of detergents. In contrast to glued wallpaper, our wall murals do not roll or break. All those bends formed during the mounting can be easily smoothed.

The time of installing a wall mural depends on the size of the wall, usually it varies from 45 to 60 minutes.

Today's removable wallpapers are a great convenience for those who care about changing something in their environment quickly and without any effort. The latest technology allows you to have no limitations in the choice of patterns, colors and motifs of the wall murals, which means that everyone will find their favorite theme. While the gluable wallpaper look good two or three years after mounting and after that they begin to peel off at the edges, wall murals are distnguished with long-term durability of their colors and material.

If you get bored with the chosen pattern, just peel it off, without worrying about the remaining glue left on the wall and the need to scrape it before painting or re-papering.

Using wall murals means saving time and ease of mounting, which certainly cannot be said about traditional wallpapers. We hope that we have managed to dispel your doubts. Below are a few examples of using wall murals in different spaces:









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