Sep 5, 2018

Summer all year round - your flat decorated with summer colours thanks to removable wallpaper

Summer is already gone. We have to wait all year again for sunny heat and sunbathing on the beach. Although a lot of tourist activities can be done all year round, the favourite time to charge your batteries is summer. It's worth thinking about how you can keep sunny and colourful moments a little longer. We suggest - you use colourful peel&stick wallpapers and create your summer atmoshpere in your own four walls.


1. Exotic inspiration

Has anyone of you visited Morocco this year? Moroccan gardens are great escape from daily routine. Effusion of colours, exotic plants and creatures hidden inside their leaves are intriguing things. Now it is easier to invite such atmosphere to your own flat and keep it for 365 days, all this is possible thanks to colourful peel&stick wall mural Moroccan gardens. Don't be deceived, strong colours in your interior are not exaggeration. They are a method to highlight one of your walls or create wonderfully colourful room for an artist or a child.


2. Dancing on the meadow

Gentle wild flowers covering meadows and fields have always been an inspiration for numerous artists and writers. They have also become an inspiration to create a colourful removable wallpaper Holiday in the Countryside. This pattern, although colourful, is also very delicate and subtle. Without any doubt, it can be used in a place where you need some peace and quiet, for eaxmple at the study, the living room or the bedroom. Pastel and nature-inspired colours guarantee original and inobvious decorative effect.


3. Living in a paradise

A lot of us like visiting exotic islands. One of them is Sumatra - a heavenly corner that was an inspiration to create a colourful peel&stick wall mural Sumatra Paradise. Many children and teenagers dream of living on a wild undiscovered exotic island. It can come true in two shakes with this removable wall mural! A window overlooking the jungle would be a window to paradise - what if the daily view on the wall of the living room, the kitchen or the bedroom gave you the same impression? When combined with living plants and wooden furnishing articles we can achieve staggering effect. That's for sure!

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