Feb 12, 2019

Romantic and classy - peel and stick wall mural

A romantic decoration for houses and apartments can be a controversial subject. Not everyone likes being surrounded by red hearts or roses. However, what about creating such a decoration in a different way, by using wallpapers with specific patterns? Such an idea is great for living rooms or bedrooms, as a small note at the bedhead or behind the sofa. We particularly recommend very modern flowery compositions that introduce a uniquely romantic atmosphere. Here we provide a number of interior decorations in this style.

1. Elegant black and white

Black and white have always been fashionable. If we additionally expand the theme with flowery shapes and combine everything with a subtle line - the effect is amazing! Such is the design of the Romantic Peonies removable wallpaper! It will elegantly complement both a bedroom or a living room, enriching the interior with a romantic character.

2. Romantic baroque bouquet

Baroque flowers have been fashionable recently. Their themes appear even on clothes. What if we decorated an entire wall this way? Flowers are a timeless pattern. The delicate colors and dark background create a mysterious atmosphere. The Vintage Floral Art removable wallpaper will successfully introduce this atmosphere to your room. It will also prove to be a good background for accessories and bright furniture, especially in retro style.

3. Japanese style

There are many eastern culture enthusiasts among us. In terms of patterns, the Japanese strongly focus on natural themes. There are many flowery and plant motifs not only on clothes and in interior decoration, but in other aspects of everyday life as well. The Painted Cherry Blossom peel and stick wall mural is a wonderful picture in the Japanese style thanks to which you will feel like on a trip through the far east!

4. Dark and classy

Dark decorations are fashionable. Dark does not necessarily gloomy! The Dutch Floral peel and stick wallpaper features a wonderful combination of colorful flowers and a dark background, This is an ideal choice for retro style fans and those that value unique elegance. Wooden furniture will look great in the presence of this wallpaper and so will accessories in the vintage style. What if we hang a decorative gold frame on the flowers? The choice is up to you!

5. The rose phenomenon

Red roses are a romantic classic. And what if we focus on pink? Rich rose bush in your interior is an idea for pink walls in a mature and very atmospheric style. The Pale Roses peel and stick wallpaper embodies the dreams of many romantic women. At the same time, it is both pleasant and elegant enough to enchant even the most demanding of men. It will be an excellent choice for a bedroom, but it can also be used.

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