Sep 19, 2018

Patterned walls in a modern interior

Geometric order or abstract chaos - in any case, patterned removable photo wallpaper are a great idea for decorating modern interiors. Sometimes it is worth to bet on classic black and white style and elegance, and sometimes splurge with color. By means of a removable photo wallpaper, it's worth decorating the interior in two ways: first select the pattern for the wall, then choose the accessories, or first, furnish the room and finally match the patterned design.

Regardless of which path you take, we encourage you to look at several interior design inspirations using self-adhesive wallpapers.


1. A well planned interior

Isolines, because this is the name of this removable wallpaper, is an interesting and somewhat abstract solution, thanks to which we are able not only to decorate the wall, but also give it an apparent depth. Black and white coloring of this pattern matches most interiors in our homes and allows for complete freedom in the selection of accessories - from natural wood to variegated and colorful decorations.


2. A screen in the bedroom

Today, the screen is no longer a standard equipment of the bedroom, although its popularity as a decorative gadget referring to the retro style returns. An interesting idea for the decoration of the bedroom is the design of a peel and stick wall mural Bamboo Screen. Gray tones interspersed with a white pattern create a calm atmosphere, conducive to transquility and relaxation. Selecting accessories with such a background will not be a problem either.


3. Color and order

Removable wallpaper is even more interesting when a geometric pattern with the addition of a color is printed on it. This is the case with Colorful Burgees Pattern peel and stick wall mural which, when applied in a toddler's room, brings a lot of good. From a neutral, undisturbed background, through cheerful, but not intrusive colors, to the possibility of decorating the interior in different ways. In such a room, white furniture will look particularly charming, and on a wallpapered wall you can hang a shelf and put your favorite stuffed animals or books. The effect will be insane!


4. A woven wall

Decorative accents in the bedroom are welcome, but they can not overwhelm or shout with too strong colors. That's why a removable wall mural works so well in the bedroom decoration Woven from Lines removable wallpaper. The pattern printed on its self-adhesive fabric resembles a bit of a stitching, woven with a pleasant to the touch yarn. It gives the room a special cosiness and charm. A unique decoration for a unique interior.


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