Aug 22, 2018

Pastel decorations, meaning subtle and delicate modern wallpapers

Pastel tones in home decorations constitute something special. They are soothing, set a nice background for various objects and decorations, but also fit a living room, hallway, bedroom, children’s room, and an office. In short – they are universally enchanting. We recommend taking a closer look at a few interesting arrangements made with the use of pastel wall murals. The way they change an interior is delicate and very stylish.

1. A living room with a beautiful accent.

Abstract decorations and pastel tones – this remarkable living room background has been created by the Pastel Art peel and stick wallpaper. Combined with natural colors and plants we receive an interesting composition. Despite the fact that the pastel wall mural’s abstract design is quite colorful, it is not onerous and does not dominate the space. As it can be seen, it is possible to combine the love of colors with a toned-down style of decorations.

2. Pastel tones of pink

The Pale Flamingo peel and stick wallpaper constitutes a wink at the newest trends. Pink and cute flamingos, pastel tones of the wall mural, and floral elements – the entire piece creates a charming interior decoration. The design of this pastel wallpaper is not quite childish and will work also in the living room or bedroom of an adult flamingo aficionado. It will emphasize white furniture and light decorations beautifully, but is also going to look stunning when accompanied by wooden elements.

3. Fairy-tale flowers

The pastel wallpaper will constitute a great idea for a romantic bedroom or the room of a small princess. In both cases it is worth to focus on flowers! Therefore, it turns out that a good idea for such interiors is the Shabby Roses removable wallpaper. Its pastel, watercolor flowers and toned down background will give the interior a unique character. It constitutes a romantic, flirtatious, and simply charming accent.

4. Pastels and cactuses – a surprisingly good combination

Cacti trends are quite popular this year. It is interesting to place cactuses everywhere: on window stills, shelves, or even walls. In case of this room the Spineless Cacti removable wall mural with a pastel design constitutes a perfect solution. In an interesting manner it emphasizes one wall, does not dominate the interior, and its natural tone of green with traces of pink constitutes a stylish combination, bringing us closer to nature. Such a pastel wallpaper is the perfect solution.

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