Jun 19, 2019

Palm trees decor for living room is the best way to deal with summer heat

Tropical temperatures are not letting go - we have a sunny, African summer. In such hot weather we are looking for different ways to cool down, but what to do when even cold water with ice cubes does not give us the desired refreshment? African people use live palm leaves to cool down. Though in such heat soon we will have palm plantations in our European climate, so far we have to have our own imagination. We recommend a few inspirations of palm trees removable photo wallpapers, imprinted with juicy palm leaves.

1. Beautiful as they can be


The composition of palm leaves in the juicy shades of green which we used in our removable wall mural is a perfect solution for the summer heat. Large, wide leaves will let you feel like in a tropical forest without leaving your home. Intense green will enliven any interior, giving it a distinctive character. Temporary wallpaper Fresh Tropical is a great inspiration for travelers - maybe you can spend next year's summer under real palm trees?


2. When Japan meets Africa


Fans have been used in Asian culture for centuries. They were an irreplaceable item of the Japanese geishas who used them to cover their face and draw the interlocutor into a game full of subtle gestures. In Africa, the fans were primarily used to cool down when the outside heat began to be unpleasant. In wall murals Tropical Fans, Japanese simplicity and attention to detail met with green palm leaves. You can ratethis unusual combination yourselves.


3. Bottled Green for refreshment


Deep green is the color that will enliven any room, especially in summer when the scorching sun becomes difficult to bear. Green color is also relaxation for tired (and dry) eyes, so it is worth to move away from monitor screens and focus on the greenery for a moment. Palm leaves in the company of spread banana leaves will make you feel much cooler and more pleasant, and will also take care of your eyesight. See our inspiration - a peel&stick wall mural Emerald Tropics. It's better now, isn't it?


4. A touch of color

If you have ever been to a palm house and seen palm trees in full bloom, you might have seen small colorful flowers between the leaves. A small, inconspicuous detail thanks to which the palm tree has gained a unique charm. This is also a feature of our peel&stick wallpaper Palm House Trip which definitely catches the eye, thanks to a little color that has been skillfully blended with the green leaves.


5. The magic of detail


Imagine that after a busy day at work, you return home, sit down comfortably in your chair and relax surrounded by palm leaves. Sounds good, right? If you look closely, you will see that not only the leaves of palm trees cool you down, but also a wide banana and monstera, the last one eagerly used in homes as a decorative plant. As it turns out, you do not need tropical travel and a rich wallet to create your own forest. With our removable photo wallpaper Resting Under Palm Trees it will be easier than you think!

We hope that after seeing our proposals for the summer decoration of the living room you feel pleasantly refreshed.

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