Oct 9, 2019

October revolutions - how to prepare your walls

Where's summer? - you will ask. Time passes very quickly and so it's already October. It got cloudy and gloomy outside, and it's getting harder and harder to get up to work. As you can guess - we have a solution for that! Lively, colorful wall murals inside interiors will make getting up in the morning much easier.

It's still long until the first snow, and the cloudy and rainy days are yet to come. Why should you place your bet on color right now? First of all - serenity. Vivid, bright colors set an optimistic tone. Surrounding yourself with shades of yellow, orange, and red will make you have more energy during the day and overcome the discouragement caused by the lack of sun much faster. Secondly - attractive, eye-catching additions affect the overall composition of the interior. And often just a few expressive additions (e.g. candles, vases, lamps, or ceramic pots) are enough to make us feel mentally charged. The lack of sun makes us feel overwhelmed with resentment and melancholy, and there are still several long, gray months until spring.

Even if your interiors are kept in a raw Scandinavian style, it is worth considering introducing a colorful detail. Due to white, which looks good in almost any color combination, you can freely combine colors and experiment with decorations.

If you are not afraid of changes and you like spectacular effects, place your bet on changing wall decorations. With our peel&stick wallpapers you will change your room in 15 minutes! You can use the rest of the saved time for a cup of delicious (and well-deserved) coffee. Removable wallpaper is a good solution for lazy and busy ones. Quick installation, a variety of designs, resistance to dirt and abrasion result in that self-adhesive wallpapers are increasingly replacing traditional wall painting.

We have collected for you several colorful inspirations that will make even cold, rainy days much nicer.

1. Timeless poppies

The Poppy Girl Peel&stick Wallpaper is one of your favorites! It looks great both in a children's room as well as in a bedroom. Red, large poppies on a meadow are something that will remind you of warm summer afternoons.

2. Tropical Paradise

Two details stand out against the white background - purple and green tropical leaves woven into a black and white composition. Fans of the Scandinavian style may choose this color pattern. Our Modern Tropical Removable Wall Mural juxtaposes the raw character.

3. Rainbow clouds

If the autumn mornings are cool and cloudy, maybe it's worth conjuring up the gloomy reality? The Colorful Clouds Removable Wall Mural will make your child get up to kindergarten or school more willingly, because I don't know anyone who can resist the positive effects of rainbow colors.

4. Cherry Blossoms

Delicate and graceful cherry trees will bloom on your wall not only during springtime! Our Cherry Blossom Removable Wall Mural will be a great addition to the decor of a living room or bedroom. Romantic, delicate, watercolor cherry blossoms are a great way to break the daily routine.

5. Brave Zebras

Shades of red are extremely difficult in terms of interior design. Often you have to put a lot of effort into creating a successful styling. Is it worth it? Sure it is! With our Flying Zebras Peel&stick Wallpaper you will create an original decoration for a children's room or living room.

6. Colorful dots

This is another, minimalist composition for those who like simplicity with an idea. Delicate rainbow dots will liven up the kitchen or children's room. The Dappled with Color Reusable Wallpaper constitutes a combination of geometric patterns, Scandinavian white, and rainbow colors.

With our colorful wallpapers, you won't complain about boredom during gloomy, rainy days.

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