Mar 8, 2018

In the world of modern wall decoration

We all like to decorate. Each time we come to a new office, a rented room, or our own home, we feel the need to adapt the surroundings to our preferences and character. The fastest method is to buy a few items and put them in the interior. And what if we tell you that you can make a really significant change without much effort? This is the option for using self-adhesive and removable wallpapers in the interior decoration!


Removable wallpaper for the 21st century

For many of us wallpaper is regarded as relic from half a century ago. However, over the last years

it was wallpaper that gained popularity again. Today, murals dominate the interiors. The latest trends indicate that the we rather focus on distinguishing one wall with a strong, bold pattern, rather than cover the whole room with a wallpaper. This pattern can include even very vivid colours. However, modern interior decoration is not limited to colour and pattern. Removable murals are an innovation tailored to modern design.

The magical properties of the wallpaper material

Modern murals can be printed on a revolutionary material that does not contain paper and works like a sticker. We can peel off a piece of photo wallpaper from the base layer without any problem and stick it on the wall, and then you just need to smooth out the imperfections. Because of these wonderful properties, this material is called MagicStick. Removable wallpaper on MagicStick is a great idea for quick and comfortable changes to any interior. The only thing that needs to be remembered when deciding to buy such a removable mural is that the surface we want to stick it on is flat and not painted with latex paint.

Each wallpaper can also be printed on a vinyl material whose properties allow for installation even in the kitchen or bathroom. You can decide on such a solution if you prefer traditional wallpaper installation.

Let your imagination go wild and decorate your interior with a wallpaper

Knowing that we have self-adhesive and fully removable reusable wallpapers, you do not have to be afraid to experiment! Decorate your interiors with a pattern from collections such as vintage, floral, kids or pattern. Let's have fun with patterns and colours! Or maybe you have your own idea for a mural? Then simply send a good photo or choose a design from the photo bank and share your idea, for example with the ColorayDecor brand. Their specialists will surely quickly advise you and help you realize your dream interior decoration. Add some magic to your interior with removable MagickStick wallpapers!

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