Dec 13, 2019

How to decorate home for Christmas?

Christmas is just around the corner - shop windows have been introducing beautiful Christmas decorations since the beginning of the month, the smell of orange and gingerbread will soon appear in our homes. The first gifts will appear under the Christmas tree in the living room. During this period you often wonder how to decorate the house for the holidays?

How to decorate the house for the holidays in an original and simple way?

Each of you focuses on authenticity and uniqueness. You want your decorations to captivate your guests and be unique. Shops offer many beautiful gadgets and tinsel, which, although tempting, are not original. In today's post, we offer you unique wall decorations that will fit the atmosphere of Christmas.

At Christmas time, white, red and gold rule on the walls

These three colors - red, white, and gold - are extremely festive. White introduces a winter atmosphere, red is definitely a festive color that prevails in all Christmas decorations. Gold stands for style and elegance. So what are our suggestions for the upcoming Christmas?

1. Cherry blossoms

Blooming cherry blossoms constitute a delicate, watercolor pattern that originates from the Japanese Cherry Festival. Due to its minimalist character and the combination of ubiquitous white with charming red accents, the Spring Cherry Blossom peel&stick wallpaper will bring a dash of festive atmosphere to your interior.

2. Japanese holidays

Let's stay for a moment in Japan - the country from which the folding art of origami originates. It was precisely origami that initiated our next inspiration - the Origami removable wallpaper It is not a decoration for everyone, due to its expressiveness (inside the birds there are tiny, patterned mandalas), but it will certainly delight many connoisseurs of small works of art.

3. Golden Triangles

Geometric triangles are one of the most popular motifs this year. This time in a golden version on a white background - the Triangles Composition peel&stick wallpaper constitutes a definite winter inspiration. The golden color is associated with glamour for a reason, let's not be afraid to use it in our interiors, especially during Christmas!

4. Vivid Red

The contrasting combination of raw white with intense red, pink, and orange is a hit! The unique watercolor composition will be a festive addition to a bedroom or living room. The Fiery Snowflakes removable wallpaper will warm the hearts of your household members for a long time, especially during cold winter days.

5. January stroll

It is good to go for a walk after the Christmas Eve dinner. Fresh, winter air is a good medicine for Christmas overeating. The best walk is a walk through a snowy forest. The Winter Landscape peel&stick wall mural constitutes the opposite of previous compositions. It is cool, toned down, with dominant shades of white, navy blue, and blue. At the same time, it possesses a specific winter character that makes it impossible to deny its charm.

If you are looking for other suggestions, check our post Christmas Colors- white an dgreen on yur wall. Get inspired and create your own unique Christmas decorations that your loved ones will remember for a long time.

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