Jan 23, 2019

Home decor trends 2019 - colorful retro peel stick wallpapers

2019 opens new possibilities and introduces new trends for interior decoration. Pantone® has announced coral as the colour of the year 2019. In turn, numerous interior design magazines emphasize the great role of retro and vintage style. It is worth to choose motifs of natural wood or bare bricks. Such simplicity should be enriched with colourful decorative accents, based on geometric forms and traditional patterns. The range of peel and stick wall murals will also include some interesting designs that meet the latest trends. 

1. Vintage style interiors

It is extremely difficult to express the whole character of the Vintage style just in one pattern or motif. That's why Vintage fans often choose several accessories, furniture and decorations that form a coherent composition. Beyond the Horizon peel and stick wallpaper is a curious and impressive element that binds these elements together. Thanks to neutral colours and an abstract pattern it will work in any room.

2. Retro bathroom

Subdued colours, geometric order and a bright background of the whole composition is a fantastic proposition to decorate not only the bathroom, but also any other wall in a modern apartment. Around the Circle peel and stick wallpaper is a combination of retro style with a modern geometric form that brightens the interior and makes it unique. White furniture and accessories are the best company for it, but wood will also look interesting here.

3. Trip to Portugal

The light blue patterns inspired by the Portuguese culture are a bull’s-eye hit for all those who love references to the regional style. The Streets of Lisbon removable wallpaper preserves the symmetry of the composition with a variety of patterns and shapes. This allows to bring order to the room, and at the same time a bold decorative accent. This is a type of composition that will work equally well in the living room, hall, kitchen or bathroom.

4. Patchwork world

Patchwork is one of the old methods of composition that we often come back to. This style can be surely called retro. The Shabby Patchwork removable wall mural is a pastel composition, a combination of floral, geometric and fanciful motifs. Perfect for decorating a toddler or children's room, but also a bedroom or living room in Old English style. If it is difficult to decide between a retro style and a modern simple form, then this pattern will be a great solution.

5. Abstract mosaic

The Hall of Mirrors removable wallpaper is an apparent chaos, which takes the form of a geometric mosaic with abstract motifs and creates a coherent composition. This dark wall mural is a unique idea for decorating the walls of any elegant interior. It should be placed in a room where it will be clearly visible on a larger surface, in order to admire its unique character in all its splendour.

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