Oct 16, 2018

Gold, brown and red - the colours of autumn on a peel and stick wallpaper

Autumn in full effect. It decorates the parks and forests with beautiful, lively colours. It showcases its best look, especially on these sunny days. Autumn treasures inspire to produce your own interior decorations. Pretty decorations look even better with a good background, which you can create using disposable wall mural. Here are some autumn inspirations.

1. Subtle pastel colours and wood

Simple solutions are often the best. When decorating your child's room, it's best to make the base colour as neutral as possible so that you can go a little crazy with accessories and decorations. Peel and stick wallpaper Bright Vintage in delicate colours which bring autumn to mind, would surely be a good choice for any modern interior.

2. Romantic sepia tone 

Romanticism is what the bedroom is all about. You can achieve it with proper lighting, but also with decorative gimmicks. That's why a mysterious removable wallpaper Hydrangea Flowers is a great idea for bedroom decoration. Sepia tone forms a nostalgic and sentimental atmosphere while the calmness of the flowery pattern takes us closer to nature. You should definitely consider decorating with this peel and stick wallpaper and invite the autumn vibe to your home for longer.

3. A colourful bathroom

When you say colours, it's usually spring and summer that come to mind. But there's something about autumn too! You can see it on this removable wall mural design Autumn Flowers. Bathroom is an equally good place for wallpaper as any other room at home. The only thing you have to remember about is not to put it on the wall in the shower or anywhere else, where it will be wet all the time. This way, you will make the beautiful autumn decoration last longer!

4. Anemone bullseye

Anemone blossom for the whole year, from march to autumn. That's why they look so beautiful in the autumn setup on the peel and stick wallpaper Anemone Fall. It's a great idea for vintage interior decoration which is classy and elegant. Such wallpaper looks great in the kids' room, living room or even dining room and the corridor. It makes the wall look attractive with an addition that will surely attract attention.

When thinking about interior design using removable wallpaper, you can get carried away with the omnipresent atmosphere, not thinking about the long-term effect. If you change your mind, you can easily peel off the material or stick it somewhere else. It works like a huge sticker, therefore the peel and stick wallpaper became hot stuff in the global decoration industry, a great idea for tenants and owners of houses and flats alike.

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