Apr 16, 2019

Easter blossoms in yellow - selection of removable wall murals

Easter is the first spring holiday. Sometimes it happens that the aura outside the window does not indicate this, but the calendar makes it clear - the first Sunday after the first full moon of the spring full, which happens at different times, is Easter. The colors of festive days revolve around white, red, green and yellow. The first two colors refer to religious symbolism, the rest are more associated with the rebirth of nature after the hibernation. Yellow is the color of Easter chicken and the first spring flowers: tulips and daffodils. It perfectly fits interiors as a warm detail, breaking the previous arrangement. Yellow can entice from any corner of the room, it also works well as the background on the wall. Removable wall murals in yellow will get you into the festive mood even before holidays.

1. Sweet bouquets

Easter wishes in the company of floral bouquets is a composition for a flat, but also a public facility. Colourful Bouquet peel and stick wallpaper uses a familiar symbolism in warm yellow. The decoration is suitable for holidays, but it will be perfect at any time. Innovative material of the wall mural makes it possible to use it repeatedly.

2. Field inspirations

Holding on to the color symbolism, you can choose a Sunny Clearing peel and stick wallpaper. Its yellow flowers were put next to the field green. It's an excellent theme for a relaxation corner in the living room or bedroom. The number of elements available in the frame can be chosen freely to suit the specific interior.

3. Colored flowers

Rural Accents peel and stick wallpaper is associated with holidays, brings to mind plant and field grass coloring for home decorations. Less intense colors allow you to rest your eyes. The white background makes it match perfectly with any style of interior design. Warm spots of flowers of this wall mural will light up a smaller room as well as subdue an arrangement that is poor in colors.

4. Spring yellows

Festive time can be accented in various ways, not necessarily by reaching for religious themes. Golden Orchids is a great floral, slightly tropical theme of the removable wall mural that will delight a spring enthusiast. Distinct yellow flowers beautifully blend into the interior, where green and any pastels dominate. A natural, subdued composition is the perfect background for the room, where the family relaxes. It can also decorate any room, including a dining corner.

5. Floral background for the Easter breakfast

Meadow fairytale peel and stick wall mural will perfectly fit a dining corner, into which we will invite our loved ones. Various pastel flowers skillfully hide small animals among the leaves. The spring theme is not a single-use decoration, it brings to mind the freshness and coming to life nature, all year long. Wall mural can be repeatedly sticked to different places on the wall.

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