Dec 5, 2018

Christmas colors - red and removable wallpapers


We associate the Holidays primarily with many pleasant things - delicious pastries, family time, as well as the aroma of a Christmas tree and presents underneath it. It is all accompanied by specific colors. There are a few tones that always bring to mind the Holidays. Red is definitely one of them.

Red is a color which is bold and elegant at the same time. It constitutes an accent also in the category of interior decoration. Our collection of removable wall murals includes a number of interesting propositions concerning red. 

1. Elegant and classy

A rose is a flower which fits all solemn occasions - starting with dates, through birthdays, and ending with the Holidays. A rose wallpaper constitutes our first proposition for an interior decoration with the use of red. The Bouquet of Roses peel and stick wall mural is a remarkable solution, and taking advantage of it will allow to illuminate and decorate the interior with style. Due to the universal character of the rose flower and the white background, this wall mural will look perfect when accompanied by almost any type of furniture and additions.

2. A strong accent with imagination

If you feel that there is never enough red and its energetic character gives you power to act, then take advantage of the Red Flying Zebras peel and stick wallpaper in your interior.  It constitutes an interesting and original combination of a wild nature motif and vivid colors. No one will walk next to an interior including such a wallpaper without noticing it!

3. Colorful and delicate

Do you get a bit carried away by imagination? The Intertwining Colours peel and stick wallpaper will surely inspire you to act. The creative combination visible in its design will stimulate the interior and add positive energy to it. This removable wall mural is going to work perfectly in a child's room, kitchen, hallway, or office. Install it wherever you like to be creative the most and it is going to be quite an inspiration for you. 

4. Geometric order

Red looks great when accompanied by green, which is also often used in case of Holiday decorations. The Colorful Triangles removable wall mural constitutes a following example of such a perfect color combination. Additionally, the fact that the entire design is based on complete symmetry of geometric forms adds a remarkably original character to the entire piece. It will work perfectly in modern interiors as an element of the broadly defined modern style.

Red, regardless whether used with geometric, floral, or abstract forms, constitutes an interesting color with a lot of character. Thanks to removable wallpapers it can accompany us not only during the Holidays but also all year round. It's worth to take them into consideration when planning the next home renovation.


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