Mar 25, 2019

Botanic style, meaning a green interior

The color green is associated with serenity, relax, and calmness. That is why we so willingly spend our time in nature when spring enchants us all with various tones of that color. Warm places offer us a lot of vivid green. However, during the colder winter time we may be yearning for it. Fortunately, we can be always accompanied by the soothing colors, all year round. All it takes is for us to invite them to our interiors, for instance on removable wall murals.

An oasis of peace

Amazon Rainforest removable wallpaper

Aficionados of the color green inside interiors usually focus on an abundance of live plants. However, not everyone can posses a private garden at home and that is when it is worth to consider taking advantage of a removable wall mural. If there are small children or animals at our home, a flower pot will quickly become an object of interest for them, and for us a spot of never-ending cleaning. Living plants won't also work in case of people who travel a lot. If we don't invest in proper irrigation systems, we may return to a rather unpleasant image of what has been left of our oasis of peace.

Botanic themes

Oleander Leaves peel and stick wall mural

A green interior stands also for decorations in various shades. They may be included in any interior, starting with a bedroom, through the living room, up to the kitchen. Such details give a unique atmosphere to interiors, especially if we focus on diverse decorations. Posters and peel and stick wallpapers presenting the leaves of various plants as well as herbs are highly popular. It is possible to achieve an interesting result by taking advantage of such a motif on an entire wall or its part. A few framed posters hanging next to each other will work great in a smaller space. The frames don't have to be necessarily hanged. Interior designers suggest solutions in which botanic motifs are set on the floor, next to a desk, by a pile of books or music albums.

A textile detail

Monstera Deliciosa peel and stick wallpaper

A different idea for taking advantage of the botanic style is to focus on elements made from fabric. It is also a great way to quickly change the design of an interior in an inexpensive manner. All it takes is a set of green window curtains, a tablecloth, cushions on the sofa, bed linen, and even green upholstery or one with a floral design. It is worth to invest in colorful pillow covers thanks to which it is possible to change the dominating design color in just a few moments. Green includes a multitude of tones, but in one interior it is worth to focus on two or three of them.

When preparing an interior to include greed motifs it is best to follow the principle which states that the larger the decorated space is, the lighter tone we should use. Dark details, such as a poster, wall mural, or painting will catch the attention in a smaller interior as the dominating element.

Painted Cactus Removable wall mural


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