Mar 14, 2019

Blooming decorations - trinkets and wallpapers

One of the most popular decorative motifs are flowers. They can perfectly enliven a closed space by introducing a breath of spring or summer into it. Hence the popularity of floristic designs on curtains, wall murals, pillows, posters and paintings, that make the room warmer and cosier.

Bushes removable wallpaper

Natural decorations from the field and forest

Spring and summer is the time when we have unlimited access to natural ornaments. No other season gives so many opportunities to create beautiful compositions of flowers and herbs. Blooming decorations placed in the exposed area of the flat enjoy the eye long after they are made. To create them pots, vases and even glasses in various sizes can be used. Wildflowers look great on wheels and hoops made of branches or polystyrene, surrounded by material. If we have secateurs, a knife and agile hands, we can make more than one beautiful composition for the interior. However, not everyone is able to create such homemade wonders. Also, access to flowers, picked in the field, may be problematic, especially if we live in a city. Love for floral decorations can also be expressed in a different way, e.g. with use of peel&stick wallpaper.

Not only English style

Baroque Peonies peel and stick wallpaper

Floral motifs in interiors are often associated with English style. It is dominated by florets, which land on many pieces of equipment, even on furniture. The Flower-style decoration is also based on the Provence style. It is closer to the field than to the garden, because it uses such plants as lavender, heather or rosemary. The Tuscan style also draws a lot from summer fields. It is less popular in Poland, although it is considered very charming. Tuscan motifs include sunflowers, poppies, shades of orange, yellow and brown. All three styles bring the minimalist and elegant interior to life.

For incorrigible romantics

Holiday in the Countryside peel&stick wall mural

Wildflowers are the easiest to be introduced into the interior in the form of a removable wallpaper, photo wallpaper or a wall sticker. They can be used to decorate the entire wall or just a part of it, for example above the bed, the bookcase or on the wall in our coffee corner. They are easy to stick and remove, if you want to change the decoration theme. Equally attractive effect may be achieved by hanging a picture or a poster with field motives. It will fit into any interior, even a kitchen and a dining room. Delicate flowers also fit upholstered furniture. It is more difficult to find the this type of furniture in a store, but you can look for a floral field motif on the material that can be used to replace the material on a chair or sofa seat.

It is worth to deal wisely with a floral motif, to avoid overwhelming the interior with a blaze of colors and patterns.

A Poppy Girl removable wall mural

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