Jun 5, 2019

B&W minimalism - what wallpapers are in fashion?

Today the B&W design dominates in almost every modern home. Large black and white tiles on the kitchen floor or elegant, decorative tiles on the bathroom walls constitute some of the most popular trends in recent months. If you like minimalism, all it takes is to cleverly take advantage of small details, for example a washable wall mural with delicate ornaments for the entire wall or a selected fragment.

Below we present a few black and white inspirations for imaginative interior decoration:

1. Triangular symmetry

Triangular Geommetry assumed a permanent position at the forefront of designer trends. It is worth to take advantage of the subtle charm of delicate, small patterns to create a unique interior composition. How to arrange a small bathroom to avoid an optical decrease in size? Use small, geometric details, such as triangles or squares. These are patterns often used when arranging small rooms.

2. A diamond is a woman's best friend

Diamonds are said to be a woman's best friend. Diamond patterns are associated with luxury and beauty. One of the most often bought engagement rings are those with diamonds, and girls happily choose diamond-shaped pendants. See our peel&stick Diamond Rain Wallpaper if you want to give your interior a touch of luxury.

3. A sharp detail

How to take advantage of black and white when decorating a bedroom? Wide, hand-painted Xs constitute a design for the brave. It often takes just a small, expressive detail to emphasize the character of a room. If you like patterns that catch the eye, then the Noughts and Crosses Removable Wall Mural is worth your attention.

4. Confusion and muddling

A unique and original composition of black, wavy lines constitutes a great decoration for an art studio. The Noughts and Crosses Temporary Wallpaper is a good choice for artists, painters, musicians, and creators of all kinds.

5. Star trails

One of the trendiest details of this season are dots which come back in retro, modern, and minimalist versions. Dots are timeless and universal, they fit almost any space. Our Connects the Dots Removable Wallpaper constitutes a version for minimalists. It will add charm and classic elegance to your home.

6 . Pencil forest

This summer, it is worth visiting the African equatorial forest. There is no such lush vegetation anywhere else, which is why the designs of extensive leaves from the equatorial forest are often present on our walls. If you can't afford such an exotic trip, create the forest's substitute at your home. Our Wild Jungle Wallpaper will certainly make it easier!

Geometric patterns combined with tones of black and white add style and classic elegance.

A kitchen, bathroom, or living room kept in black and white colors will gain an original look and unique charm.


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