Sep 10, 2019

Autumn wall decor ideas

Autumn is approaching inexorably. With the first September rain, the time has come for hot teas, cinnamon coffees and sweaters. Few remember that September and October are, above all, colourful! Nature is full of yellows, reds and juicy oranges during these months. If you would like to preserve them in your interiors for longer, choose autumn-themed peel & stick, removable wall murals.

Autumn is a great time to make changes, not only in our closets but also interiors. Before the foul autumn weather settles down for good, it is worth introducing a touch of vibrant, energetic colours into our homes. How to change your interior quickly and effectively? Use peel & stick, removable wallpapers. We guarantee that fresh, expressive colours in your surroundings will motivate you on rainy days. Here are some autumn inspirations:

1. Forest Kingdom

Geometric patterns are still in vogue in the autumn/winter season. The decorative version of the Geometric Cartoon Animals removable wall mural will be a great element of a child's room decor. Bears, foxes, teepees and arrows—all this will make your child want to go on a camping trip! Let me tell you a secret known even to the oldest Native Americans—there's nothing better than an autumn family outing?

2. Anemones and Ferns

We assure you that our peel & stick Anemone Fall wallpaper is the most universal pattern for the upcoming season. Orange anemones are an inseparable element of the September aura. This design will look great in the living room, in the child's room or the bedroom. Most importantly—floral designs are timeless, you don't have to worry that they will quickly go out of style.

3. Forest corner

Some of you like this special, November climate, full of morning fog and greys. Our Dreamy Forest peel & stick wall mural was created with you in mind. This somewhat dark but atmospheric forest landscape will blend well with yellow or orange accessories. November weather fosters imagination—we are well-aware that ideas are born in the bedroom!

4. Autumn Composition

Do you know someone who doesn't like bouquets? Flowers in every form please the eye. The autumn composition of wild flowers, cornflowers and chrysanthemums will be the perfect choice for dreamers. On sunny days, nothing lifts your mood as well as a walk through the Autumn Flowers in enchanted garden. With our help, you can conjure up an autumn garden in your home.

5. Colourful Mix

Every person needs something that will make it easier to get up even on grey, rainy mornings. What if you could create a corner colourful like a rainbow? It has been known for a long time that colours affect our emotions. Before the first snowfall, the autumn landscape won't encourage getting up in the morning. Use the magic of colours and liven up your living space with our Explosion of Colors removable wallpaper.

6. September Meadow

The end of summer and the beginning of autumn is a great time for long walks. It's still warm, sunny and colourful. The last summer flowers bloom in the meadows, bathed in the rays of the September sun. The Sunny Clearing peel & stick wall mural is an ideal option for autumn weather. Yellow, warm flowers will brighten the interior, making it more delicate.

The upcoming season is not only the time of pumpkin madness but, above all, it's all about the power of colours! Let's not be afraid to use them in our own homes.

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