Oct 3, 2018

5 interesting places to use a peel and stick wallpaper

When we hear "wallpaper", we immediately think about decorating the walls in our rooms. However, thanks to our innovative material, which is the basis of the removable wallpaper, you can decorate any flat and non-slippery surface, which gives space for imagination and creativity. From today, wallpaper is not reserved just to the wall, but also...

Floral workplace

You can cover the whole room with wallpaper, but you can also put on just a small piece of it. It's a nice idea to make your work more pleasant by decorating your workspace with a floral Rose Flower Bed peel and stick wallpaper. It cheers and illuminates the whole site, makes the place unique and has an inspiring effect on the person working at the desk.


The wardrobe looking as new one

Grab a roll of the removable wallpaper Abstract Hearts. and refresh your old wardrobe. Two moves: peel and stick. In a short time you can enjoy a completely new piece of furniture that gives the interior a character and the decoration of wchich corresponds to the decoration of the whole apartment. Or maybe you prefer to invite flowers, flamingos or other geometrical patterns to decorate your wardrobe? Check HERE for inspiration.

Changed table top

A small piece of peel and stick wallpaper is enough to make the furniture completely changed. Removable wallpaper Ashy Vintage design gave this table, but also the whole interior, the character associated with English elegance. Vintage styles are fashionable and timeless solutions and it is worth to bet on for this type of decorations. In addition, the unusual shape of the table completes the sophisticated style.

Dog house

Have you ever thought about putting wallpaper in the place dedicated to your pet? This is innovative solution can be successfully used in any seemingly impractical niche or storeroom, e.g. under stairs. Thanks to the removable wall mural Vintage Countryside. the pet corner has become stylish and introduces idyllic atmosphere to whoever watches it. Moreover, it has became incredibly cozy.

Closed in the frame

Actually, why not go outside the frames and decorate the walls with a wall mural using the frame? In this way, with the use of a Poscard of the Netherlands removable wallpaper an image was created that adds warmth to the interior and separates it from others. Floral motifs are very fashionable this year, in addition, the warm colors of the design harmonize well with the furniture and equipment of the room. The whole composition gets very cozy.

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