May 22, 2019

5 ideas for patterns in the interior


More and more often, our interiors are decorated with wall murals. It can be a background or even the main decoration. This removable decorative element is available in almost every style. Colourful patterns on the wall can radically alter the room. They don't look at all like the propositions from last century, which were losing their colour and falling off the wall. Patterned areas of wallpapers can decorate any interior. Inspirations for the following patterns were taken from world interior design trends. Is it worth using them? Since we are decorating our dream apartment, let's learn it from the best.

1. Sweet geometry

Arrangement straight from the hive, but in a very modern version? Honeycomb removable wallpaper is a tribute to the perfect geometry presented by the finished hexagonal honeycomb created by hardworking bees. The delicate pattern was created from thousands of dots, which can only be seen after getting closer. Subtle and light theme fits interiors with thoughtful arrangement. It will match the wood and metal well.

2. Painted with a feather

Modern design often means playing with the execution technique. Graphite Dahlias peel&stick wall mural gives the impression of a floral sketch made by the hand of an enthusiast of dahlias. The subtle picture will fit beautifully in a minimalist interior, styled in black and white colours. The universal tones of the pattern can be combined with other colours, warming the room with a contrast.

3. Circular mosaic

Is a variation on the perfect shape a good idea for wall decoration? Around the Circle peel&stick wall mural presents a circle in several colours. All elements overlap one another in a fixed order. This neighbourhood offers an attractive combination of cold and warm colours. Thanks to this, the wallpaper can be the basis for a cosy arrangement, as well as a crazier one, based on cool contrasts.

4. Watercolour spots

Fiery Snowflakes removable wall mural is a real energy bomb. It surprises with simplicity, which can be interpreted in many ways. Hot red, juicy orange, blurry pink - all reflected on a white background. This pattern cannot be forgotten. The theme of the abstract painting will revive the modern interior. With sweet additions, it will create a charming corner for a smaller or larger girl. Combined with green, it will fit in a romantic or even rustic atmosphere. One thing is certain, this pattern will dominate the interior.

5. Ethnic madness

The world celebrates tribal themes. Ethnic watercolor peel&stick wallpaper is a tribute to the tribes with a remarkable imagination. Unidentified spirituality contained in colours and shapes will perfectly decorate the interior of the user with broad horizons. Beautifully matches the colonial, Provencal and even minimalist stylistics. With this pattern, nothing will be extravagant, neither decorations made of leather, untreated wood nor even colourful feathers.

Patterned wallpapers can be the background of various arrangements. Each theme can be explored in any way by choosing appropriate additions to it.


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