Mar 7, 2018

5 ideas for a flourishing house

It is impossible not to notice that spring is getting closer and closer. we already cannot wait to go out for some pleasant walk. For now, however, we are still in our apartments and offices, protecting ourselves against unpleasant thaw effects. So why do not add a bit of spring to your interior? We have 5 interesting ideas how to do it with the help of removable wallpapers.

1. Blooming cacti inscribed in modern trends

The combination of floral accents and the image of a cactus is a compilation of two leading trends on the interior decoration market. Watercolor Cactus Flowers Removable Wallpaper can also be classified as vintage. Its colours make it perfect for decorating a children's room. The charm of this mural, however, is not inferior to other patterns and it can be successfully used in the bedroom, hallway or living room. It all depends on where you want to put floral patterns.

2. Romantic buttercups for subtle decorations

Lovely Vintage Floral Removable Wallpaper is a mural dedicated to interiors designed for sensitive and romantic souls. Due to the ease of application – the material is easily removable – it helps to decorate the walls quickly and without too much confusion. Delicate floral pattern is great for a bedroom or a small girl's room. It introduces a calm mood and lets you immerse yourself in dreams.

3. A bedroom with a vintage accent

Vintage Floral Art Removable Wallpaper is something that will greatly affect the mood of every bedroom! Removable mural inspired by the works of 18th-century painters introduces a unique atmosphere and guarantees the owners of such a bedroom will certainly not lose their romantic attitude!

4. Baroque style in the 21st century

Staying in the area of historical artistic tastes – welcome to the Baroque. Baroque Peonies Removable Wallpaper printed on a special MagicStick material is a modern solution to decorate the interior in a vintage way using a floral pattern. Is it worth to invite Baroque to your home? It certainly brings style and class to the interior. An additional advantage of this removable mural is the colour scheme – it was the shades of violet that were hailed as the colour of 2018 in the interior decoration category.

5. Japanese style of floral decorations

Blooming cherry trees in Japan are something that is worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. However, if Japan is out of reach, why not think about decorating your home in this unique style? Cherry Sunrise Removable Wallpaper is a fresh idea for such a renewal of walls! It will be a perfect decoration in a small child's room, a teenager room, but also in a bedroom or living room. It will nicely highlight the other decorations in the room. It will become a subtle background that will not overwhelm the whole, but will attract attention. This very original floral vintage pattern is worth bearing in mind when thinking about changes in the interior.

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