Mar 8, 2018

3 innovative bathroom wallpaper ideas

Have you ever wondered how you can decorate a bathroom to make it modern and classy? Most often our choice is limited to special paint, tiles or panels. Let me tell you something interesting today – the wallpaper also works well in the bathrooms! For some of us a bathroom covered with wallpaper can be associated with the bathrooms of our grandmothers and grandparents and it does not seem to be such an obvious choice today. And this is a big mistake! As today, the market offers a selection of wallpapers printed on an innovative, self-adhesive material.

It will bear moisture much better than ordinary paper wallpaper. It can also be wiped with a damp cloth. The only thing you need to watch out for is not to pour it with a direct stream of water. If you do not install the self-adhesive mural directly above the bathtub or in the shower cubicle, it will serve you for many years!

No more theory now, check these 3 great ideas for decorating your bathroom with a removable wall mural. 

1. Chic and elegance

This elegant pattern of removable wallpapers is called the Dutch Floral Removable Wallpaper. Please take a look at how beautifully it revitalises this bathroom! A mural in the bathroom, located in front of the entrance, immediately catches the eye of everyone and certainly makes the stay in the interior a more pleasant one. Colourful flowers combined with dark background create a unique atmosphere of mystery and sophisticated chic.

2. Modern composition

Cacti have become in recent months a very fashionable accent in interior decoration. Cacti Cobweb Removable Wallpaper is one of many examples of how this trend can be used in wall decoration. Mural on the bathroom wall is an original and bold distinction. Green is a color that introduces an atmosphere of calm without dominating the space. Cacti Cobweb is a good idea for a quick and simple bathroom decoration.

3. Bold bathroom decoration

Bold colours and composition of elements of nature and abstraction – this is what you get with the Mish-mash Leafs removable wallpaper. With such a a mural, the small toilet has become one of the special rooms in the house. Happy colours will definitely help you get a good mood when it is hard to leave the house in the morning. In addition, abstract patterns are perfect for modern interior design projects.

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