Nov 9, 2018

6 inspirations for a cacti wall decoration - a peel and stick wallpaper for everyone

A cactus is a graceful plant. It does not require a lot of attention and that is why it is suitable even for people who don't have a green thumb. The variety of cacti available at stores is immense so everyone can select a plant fitting his or her personal taste. Additionally, the design of a cacti has recently made its way into interior design.

We follow the newest trends and that is why our removable wallpapers include cacti designs. Here you will find green cacti, cartoonish designs, as well as blooming plants. Take a look at our inspirations.

1. Blooming cacti

A special type of cacti with colorful flowers. The Watercolor Cactus Flowers removable wall mural enchants with its multitude of colors and thanks to using the watercolor technique the entire piece becomes even more interesting. It will work perfectly in a children room, a boho style bedroom, or spacious interiors. When deciding for the vivid colors of this peel and stick wallpaper it is worth to think about more toned down additions (for example white) or natural wood.

2. Classic beauty

Classic often means simple solutions. And that is the case when it comes to the Watercolor Opuntia peel and stick wallpaper inside this interior. Dark and light furniture, toned down additions, natural colors and materials. In the background, a watercolor design in equally toned down green. The entire piece constitutes a unique composition, which will make everyone feel nice.

3. Green and pink

Do those two colors fit together? In case of the Mexican Garden removable wall mural, absolutely yes! A pink blooming cactus constitutes a brave and interesting design. It fits both a bedroom as well as a living room. Accompanied by modern white furniture and delicate decorative additions it will make your interior bloom.

4. Cartoonish

If we don't have any arts and crafts talent, then it is risky to create our own wall murals. In such a case the Spineless Cacti wallpaper with a pink accent comes in handy. It once again combines the two colors, and the sole design constitutes an interesting alternative for the above one. It is much more subtle, and the colors are pastel. It constitutes a perfect combination when paired with a modern interior design.

5. Mexican style

The Mexican Evening removable wall mural constitutes a beautiful composition with earthy colors. The cacti create a web which entwines the entire interior giving it a sense of coziness. Natural wood and additions in similar earthy colors, or classic black and white, will look great in such a warm interior.

6. Bloom with colors

The final proposition for a cacti interior consists in taking advantage of the Moroccan Garden peel and stick wallpaper. This design simply blows away with its colors and enchants with a seemingly chaotic composition, which actually presents baroque splendor and elegance. It can be successfully used in basically any interior which we would like to make more lively and completely different. When combined with toned down furniture the vivid colors will be dominating within an interior, but not overwhelm it completely.

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