Apr 30, 2018

3 ideas for green energy in the living room

Green is a wonderful color which is pleasantly associated with nature. In interior design it helps to introduce harmony into a room and makes it easier to relax within an own apartment. The interior which often constitutes our initial destination after returning home is the living room, sometimes referred to as a salon. We sit on the couch, turn on the computer of TV, or we read the newspaper holding a cup of our favorite beverage. It is worth to pay attention when decorating a living room - it is much more pleasant to do all those things while looking at green wallpaper.

A plantation inside a room

It is quick and easy to decorate the living room by creating a wall with a design. For that purpose it is worth to take advantage of removable wallpaper; a product printed on a material which acts like a sticker. Applying removable wallpaper is easy, does not require glue, and does not make the interior dirty. What would you say to an idea of turning your living room into a banana plantation? Banana Plantation Removable Wallpaper is a great idea to invite some green into your home. Add extras in an outstanding color, for example pink, and you will create a unique interior at minimum effort.

A Mexican living room

Adhesive green wallpaper may include a cactus design. Cacti recently constitute a very fashionable motif. It appears in the works of well known interior designers, on the window stills of pot-flower aficionados, and even as a clothing design. So why not use it to decorate interiors? Everyone who prefers it may buy a cactus in a pot. But if one does not like live cacti, then a great option will be to take advantage of Painted Cactus Removable Wallpaper removable wallpaper. Such a cactus does not even have to be watered in order to always make us happy with its green color.

Have some rest in the shadow of a palm tree

Palm trees also constitute a great idea for an adhesive green wallpaper design. If you like it when your relaxation zone brings to mind the tropics, and you often recall holiday memories, then such a removable wallpaper constitutes a real treasure. The Resting Under Palm Trees Removable Wallpaper design will also give an interior some freshness. Thanks to the white space between the leaves we get the impression that they almost float in the delicate and hot air. Can you feel it? Change your living room into a tropical shore and enjoy the green color all year round. Furthermore, removable wallpaper is printed on an eco-friendly material. Nothing but advantages - for the home and the environment!


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